Forensic psychology is the application of psychological principles to the legal system. Forensic psychologists are often utilized to help the trier of fact answer legal questions. In doing so, the expert presents data in a clinical manner and ties it to the legal issues.


Dr. Jason Dunham is a fellowship-trained forensic psychologist practicing in Texas. He received his PhD from Texas Tech University in 2001. Dr. Dunham completed his formal forensic training through his internship at Western State Hospital (Tacoma, WA) and his post-doctoral fellowship at the Washington Institute for Mental Illness Research and Training and the University of Washington School of Medicine.


Following his forensic training, Dr. Dunham practiced in Washington State another four years until he returned to Texas in 2006. He has been practicing forensic psychology in Texas ever since.


Dr. Dunham currently practices statewide in Texas, with much of his work originating from Houston, El Paso, and the greater West Texas area. He is a frequent traveler and is often called upon to provide services across all geographic regions of the state.


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Regardless of the services performed, Dr. Dunham strives to maintain intergrity in his work and adheres to the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct in addition to the Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychologists. In his training and experience, he has found that honest communication with attorneys, judges, and juries is the only avenue to follow when presenting data, findings, and opinions.