Dr. Dunham conducts adult and juvenile forensic psychological evaluations for criminal and civil courts, prosecuting and defense attorneys, the criminal justice system, and several other related entities. While he is formally trained in most every aspect of criminal and civil forensic psychology, his areas of specialization include:


  • Sex Offender Risk Assessment
  • Violence Risk Assessment
  • Competence to Stand Trial
  • Fitness to Proceed to Trial
  • Mental State at the Time of Offense
  • Criminal Responsibility
  • Specific Sentencing Issues


In regard to sentencing issues, referrals typically include an assessment for aggravating/mitigating factors that lie beyond the scope of empirical testing. In addition, assessments for probation or parole appropriateness, the ability to follow rules of supervision, amenability to treatment, and treatment progress (when applicable) are frequently conducted for sentencing purposes. Often, mental illness is either present or suspected, and a thorough evaluation of the condition(s) is warranted and applied to the case accordingly.

Dr. Dunham also provides consultation to courts, attorneys, and other relevant parties regarding specific cases and psycho-legal issues. Such consultative services frequently include case analyzation and assisting with the cross-examination of experts.


While he has presented on a variety of forensic topics, Dr. Dunham's speaking engagements typically focus on sex offender issues. Presentations commonly include discussions of the characteristics and complexities of sexual offenders, risk and protective factors involved in sex offender evaluations, and recidivism rates of sexual offenders.

Dr. Dunham does not provide treatment. He does, however, offer treatment recommendations if requested or appropriate for the situation.