About Dr. Dunham

Dr. Dunham's interest in psychology originated in college. As a student-athlete (baseball) at Wayland Baptist University (Plainview, TX), he majored in psychology, minored in chemistry, and received the scholar-athlete of the year award his senior year. He graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science degree. Continuing his education at the graduate level, Dr. Dunham received his Master of Science degree in clinical psychology from Abilene Christian University in 1997 and his PhD in counseling psychology from Texas Tech University in 2001.


It was during graduate school that Dr. Dunham began his career toward forensic psychology. Conducting forensic evaluations for the John T. Montford Psychiatric Prison Unit in Lubbock, TX and then for the Lubbock County Juvenile Justice Center served as the impetus for his desire for further education in this specialized field.


Dr. Dunham's formal forensic training began with his one-year pre-doctoral internship at Western State Hospital in Tacoma, WA and continued with his one-year post-doctoral fellowship at the Washington Institute for Mental Illness Research and Training and the University of Washington School of Medicine. Mentored by several forensic psychologists and psychiatrists, one of his desires was to gain testimony experience while still under supervision, and he was subsequently assigned cases that landed him in the courtroom. Wide-eyed and green, Dr. Dunham relied upon the fundamentals he was taught to help him through those nerve-wracking times, fundamentals he still adheres to today - the most important of which is to be a strong and uncompromising advocate for the data.


It was during his fellowship year that Dr. Dunham began his journey toward a specialization in sex offender risk assessment. A four-month rotation in sex offender evaluations eventually helped him land a position at the Special Commitment Center (SCC), a secure facility in Steilacoom, WA housing sex offenders civilly committed under Washington State's Sexually Violent Predator act. Licensed in Washington, Dr. Dunham continued his employment at SCC while starting a private practice in criminal forensic psychology. After a couple years, he returned to Western State Hospital's Center for Forensic Services to conduct criminal forensic evaluations while focusing his private practice on sex offender risk assessment.


In 2006, Dr. Dunham returned to Texas and quickly established a private practice in forensic psychology there as well. He was also appointed to be the forensic psychologist at San Angelo State Supported Living Center (SGSS). Although he no longer serves in this capacity, he did conduct criminal forensic evaluations and sex offender risk assessments for the facility while also serving as a consultant to its sex offender treatment program.


In his current full-time private practice, Dr. Dunham conducts various types of forensic evaluations and consults with several entities on a wide range of topics. His areas of specialization continue to include sex offender risk assessment and criminal forensic evaluation (e.g., competency to stand trial; mental state at the time of offense; sentencing issues, etc.). For more information regarding the forensic services he typically performs, or for more detail regarding his training and experience, please visit the respective links.